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Ingredients for Manufacturers

IQF Tart Cherries

Royal Ridge Fruits produces about 10 million pounds of tart cherries a year. Here in the high-desert hills, our orchards enjoy warm days and cool nights. This is the perfect environment for growing fresh, evenly-colored cherries with high brix levels.

Royal Ridge Fruits offers in bulk several varieties of wholesale tart cherries, including wholesale frozen cherries and wholesale dried cherries.

Wholesale Frozen Cherries, Montmorency and Dark Tart

Royal Ridge Fruits is the largest, West Coast producer of Montmorency tart cherries and the delectable dark tart variety, Arides. We offer both varieties in the form of IQF, 5+1, 9+1, 68 Brix concentrate and powder. From our orchards to your door, we manage every detail of growing, processing, freezing and delivering our Grade A, frozen fruit products.

Bringing Wholesale Frozen Cherries from Our Orchards to Your Door

Our frozen cherries are produced from home-grown, Montmorency and Arides dark tart cherries. Harvested by our farm division at peak ripeness, the cherries are cooled, cleaned and pitted by Royal Ridge Fruits. We’re tenacious about meeting industry pit standards. So we use color sorters and x-ray detectors to remove pits, as well as stray stems, leaves and discolored fruit.