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Ingredients for Manufacturers

Dried Cherries

Deep red in color, our dried cherries are produced from home-grown tart cherries. Beautifully round and robust, they add the perfect blend of sweet and tart cherry flavor to many mouth-watering foods including baked goods, confections, snack mixes and packaged cereals.

Wholesale Dried Infused Cherries

Our conventional and organic dried cherries are infused until the right Brix level is reached. We then dry the cherries and mist them with sunflower oil to give them a healthy shine. The cherries are mechanically sorted to remove pits; then inspected by our quality control department before being tested for metal and packaged. Available whole or in bits, our dried infused cherries are produced in plants that meet Washington State Department of Agriculture inspection guidelines.

Sugar-Free, Wholesale Dried Cherries

Our conventional and organic dried cherries also come unsweetened. Air dried, they add a wholesome punch of tart cherry flavor to popular mixes, sweeteners and other packaged foods.