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Ingredients for Manufacturers

IQF Blueberries

Royal Ridge Fruits’ wild and cultivated dried blueberries are sourced from the best blueberry producers, worldwide. Rich in antioxidants*, our frozen blueberries bring flavor and nutritional value to a variety of delicious foods including baked goods, confections, snack mixes and packaged cereals.

Wholesale Frozen Blueberries

Royal Ridge Fruits is the major West Coast producer of conventional blueberries. We them in the form of IQF. From our orchards to your door, we manage every detail of growing, processing, freezing and delivering our Grade A frozen fruit products.

Bringing Wholesale Frozen Blueberries from Our Orchards to Your Door

Our frozen blueberries are produced from home-grown or sourced fruit. Harvested by our farm division at peak ripeness, our blueberries are cooled, cleaned and pitted by Royal Ridge Fruits.

Ensuring the Quality of Our Frozen Blueberries

At Royal Ridge Fruits, we know that the quality of our dried blueberries is only as good as the blueberries we grow or purchase. That’s why we scrupulously inspect and test all the fruit we source, and carefully evaluate our suppliers to ensure that they meet our rigorous production and food quality and safety standards. All of our approved growers and processors are compliant with standard auditing practices.