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Ingredients for Manufacturers

Dried Raspberries

Royal Ridge Fruits infused raspberries are sourced from the best frozen raspberry producers in South America and worldwide. A healthy and flavorful food, raspberries are loaded with vitamins, antioxidants and fiber.* Our dried raspberries sweeten and add nutritional value to a variety of delicious products including baked goods, confections, snack mixes and packaged cereals.

Ensuring the Quality of Our Bulk Raspberries

At Royal Ridge Fruits, we know that the quality of our dried raspberries is directly related to the quality of the frozen berries we produce them from. That’s why no frozen berry is processed until it’s meticulously inspected and tested by Royal Ridge Fruits. We also carefully evaluate our suppliers to ensure that they meet our rigorous production, and food quality and safety standards.

Processing Infused, Bulk Dried Raspberries

Our wholesome raspberries are infused until the right Brix level is reached. The berries are then dried and misted with sunflower oil to give them a healthy shine. We then sort the infused raspberries to remove any discolored or broken fruit.

Deep red in color, our infused raspberries are juicy, sweet and soft to the bite. We offer our dried raspberries whole and in bits.